About us

In 2004, lifelong cycling enthusiasts Doug Emerson and Frank Banta hatched the idea to build a velodrome, stealing the movie line from “Field of Dreams” as their mantra: “If you build it, they will come.” In 2005, they formed a partnership with the dream to build an Olympic-caliber velodrome in Boulder County.

In 2006, a site was purchased in Erie, Colorado. In 2007, they traveled to Toluca, Mexico, to meet track designer, Peter Junek who was completing a 250-meter track.

Doug recalls, “We were lucky enough to be there when it was ready to ride. I had never been on a velodrome, but I always knew I would like it. Peter and I hopped on the track and did about 20 laps. It was exhilarating. I stopped, looked at Frank, and said, “We’re building a velodrome, and I don’t care if anyone comes.” On January 1, 2015, the velodrome opened.

Doug started University Bicycles in 1985 with 15 used bikes and a tool box. Today, the store is nationally recognized as one of the best bike shops in the country—an exemplary and inspirational small-business success story. Doug strives to bring the same grass-roots authenticity that defines his store to the velodrome project.

Frank founded Frank Banta Construction in 1977. With more than 40 years of construction experience, the opportunity to design, develop and build the Boulder Valley Velodrome was an awesome and welcome challenge. His goal was to build the best outdoor velodrome possible. Frank is also co-director of the Buffalo Bicycle Classic. He was one of the founders in 2003 and the BBC has since raised millions in scholarships for the University of Colorado Boulder.

Doug and Frank were fortunate to have the exceptional design services of local architect David Beal of David A. Beal & Associates LLC, and the guidance of world-renowned velodrome designer and builder Peter Junek of Board Track Racing Inc.

Founding members include:

Andy Hampsten Jeff Baird Mike Imhoff Becky Middleton
Jerry Greenleaf Neal Henderson Brian Worthy Jim Kinsinger
Neil Dykes Cari Higgins John DeSisto Nico Toutenhoofd
Colby Pearce John Vajda Ray Middleton Danny Suter
Jon Winegardner Rocky Rider Dave Query Joseph Paulson
Sandy Bracken David Beal Juan Gutierrez Scott Havlick
David Beitel Kevin Luff Steve Illes Don Hobbs
Leanne Paez Duncan Taylor Phinney Ed Pennella Leroy Smith
Ed Pennella Leroy Smith Thomas Dimitroff Edward Altshuler
Marc Bekoff Thomas Prehn Greg Berlind Mark Muggleton
Tim Foon Feldman Michael Martin